Brand and messaging transformation for an Austin-based company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help mobile sales forces identify opportunities for account growth.

The executive team at Zilliant partnered with us to transform the company’s market positioning, packaging, product, and brand to grow outside the price optimization category — unlocking 10-times the market opportunity. This work was part of a larger transformation that lead to Zilliant securing $30M in funding from Goldman Sachs.

In tandem with crafting the strategy, Thinktiv worked closely with Zilliant’s design team to ensure their product delivered on this new vision. In conjunction with the marketing team, the visual brand identity and sales enablement support were updated for a successful transformation.

Logo anatomy studies were conducted alongside brand landscape audits to create the foundation for the visual realignment.

Once a new wordmark and symbol were created, explorations were conducted to study the variations and flexibility of a grid system. By breaking out the most basic elements of the logomark, a modular system was produced to inform print and web layouts.

Work commenced immediately on an overhaul of the corporate website. Utilizing the new grid system, a modular set of content blocks were iterated on to begin shaping the new online architecture.

In tandem with the refreshed brand colors, a series of layouts were created to emphasize customer voices across the product experience. New portraits and testimonials were sourced in order to create compelling showcases.

The new website was produced as a robust platform to communicate Zilliant’s updated messaging and value proposition. Key pieces of information were now readily accessible, including pronounced calls-to-action to onboard new customers. A responsive design allowed for the website to carry the same experience from desktop to mobile.

A library of net-new images was produced, encompassing human-centric photographs and device-centric renderings. This accessible image bank allowed for increased opportunities of brand consistency across Zilliant’s internal team.

The refreshed visual identity was packaged as a brand guidelines document and manifested through tangible items including print stationery and apparel. This execution reinforced brand consistency and increased employee morale around the new identity.

A 20’ long sign was installed on the building’s facade to announce the new identity. Signage was also updated throughout the interior spaces of the company’s headquarters.

An event-centric identity was also produced for Zilliant’s annual Mindshare series — a B2B networking event that features educational roundtables and customer keynotes.

By the end of this engagement, our team created a unique and differentiated corporate position for Zilliant, enabling them to command a much higher valuation and compete in a more valuable market.



Zilliant, Inc.

Strategy & Design Partner

Clay Colwell, Creative Dir.
Andrew Persoff, Project Lead
Steve Waters, CMO
AJ Watson, CGO
Jake Snow, Designer