Wolfsonian Table

The Wolfsonian Table was produced as a response to the Wolfsonian-FIU museum's call for a new set of tables for the museum lobby. The requirements of the construction, which was also the name of the competition, were "Six Components and a Handful of Screws". The table was also to be designed to complement the iconic Thonet 214 chair, in use throughout the museum reception.

Our proposal aimed to harmonise the lobby space, evoking elements of the central window grille and guiding visitors into the museum. The table would function as a modular system with six table pieces that may come together to form a grand table, or may be reassembled to best suit programs such as lectures and receptions.

As the table can be mounted with only six components, it is ideal for quick assembly and storage in the museum’s limited back-of-house space. A signage function was also included via removable magnetic panels that allow staff to place relevant, temporary messages along the tables’ edges.


The Wolfsonian Table competition entry was designed in collaboration with Hira Sabuhi and Carla Martinez.