Preview: International Portfolio Review Forum
2014 - Present

Identity for an international university recruitment and portfolio review platform with events in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The forums bring together students who aspire to study art and design with experienced representatives from top colleges and universities.

The company name, Preview, functions as shorthand for the organisation’s full name as well as a signifier for what the business provides: a preview of potential art and design universities.

The colour scheme, a vibrant combination of red, yellow, and blue, derives from the primary subtractive colours that form the foundation of painting, printmaking, and certain lines of colour theory. Following this logic, graphic elements within the system act as plates of colour that occasionally overlap to produce a third colour. In black and white applications, translucent shades of grey may overlap to produce darker tones.

The website features content to cater to its three main audiences—students, institutions, and educators—and has been adapted into five languages for each of Preview’s markets. The distinct audience pages are colour coded to emphasise different information applicable to each group.