MA Applied Imagination Festival

The MA Applied Imagination Festival is the degree show for Central Saint Martins’ eponymous programme. It explores the different ways we change our world, whether by asking better questions of ourselves and those in power, acquiring new skills, or pioneering new approaches.

Its 2015 identity encapsulates not only the range of topics explored by graduates, but the multidisciplinary nature of the course itself. In framing each subject as a question, the identity highlights the notion of transformation that drives the programme.

The festival featured an entryway sculpture that guided visitors in while providing information on the course and the graduates’ projects. The massive sculpture references spinning blocks found on playgrounds, a nod to the nature of curiosity and discovery. Featured as a supergraphic across the cubes is the word “Transform”. However, much like the meaning of the word itself, it is only visible in brief glimpses as visitors rotate the structure.

Posters were distributed across the university along with an online invitation, prompting viewers to reflect on which actions they would take to transform different fields, such as technology and wellbeing. The colour-coded posters signaled the spectrum of disciplines the course addresses.

The university facade featured projected visuals overlooking Granary Square, inviting the public to the event taking place inside. The projection mapping team translated the graphic identity into an animated sequence, pulling from core elements such as the “transform” and question motifs. A recurring transition, the spinning cubes sequence, referenced back to the rotating cubes of the entryway sculpture. More information on this project is available here.

The festival website distributed information across one page in a visually stimulating manner. Scrolling from the top of the site to the festival agenda would guide the user through the range of subjects and the graduates working within them.


Central Saint Martins

Festival Committee Head
Richard Reynolds
Identity and Website Design
Andrew Persoff

Programme Design
Riche Manu
Spatial Design
Katrina Felice

Lead Anticapitalist
Kaley Madden
Building Facade
3D Projection Mapping:

Creative Direction & Visual Design
Henrique Ghersi
Ben Glover

Facade 3D Visualiser
Victor Garcia