Custom line of window coverings for the hospitality division of Hunter Douglas, a Dutch manufacturer. The line was approached from an architectural standpoint, considering not only the interior reading of the window coverings, but their exterior appearance as well. The result was a versatile, universal system that married form with color to yield an interior and exterior presence.

Various series were produced within the collection. Among them were Forms and Color Blocks, which featured bolder and more graphic readings, as well as the Texture and Gradient series, which provided a more subdued presence.

Renderings were produced to demonstrate the potential of the coverings’ double-sided readings. In the example below, a typical facade with white window coverings could be entirely transformed with a new, coherent exterior design.

An in-depth analysis of the firm’s design style was produced, with research covering the predominant forms and colours used throughout projects. Colour matrices were created to highlight frequently appearing hues, along with form studies to create shape archetypes.

Iterative prototypes were produced to exhaust the various configurations possible within the collection. While many patterns featured large-scale graphic forms, others were labour-intensive textures that could be applied at a variety of scales.

An asset identification system and artwork formatting guidelines were delivered for the client to efficiently manage provided assets and tailor artwork for mass production. These systems were later adapted into artwork request forms for the client’s in-house use.

The collection received the 2013 Award of Excellence for Textiles at the 17th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition, and was a finalist for the 2013 Interior Design Best of Year Awards.



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