Cooper & Graham
2013 - 2014

Custom line of bathroom fittings including taps, showers, and hardware for Cooper & Graham, a subsidiary of the U.K. manufacturer Lefroy Brooks. The collection, organised into the Ellipsis and Loop series, consists of sculptural pieces that draw on the luxury of mass and whimsicality of freehand gestures.

The Ellipsis series mainly includes indoor pieces such as taps, shower heads, and bath spouts. It explores various iterations of intersections between the rigidity of the rectangle and the fluidity of the ellipse. The Loop series, a line of freestanding showers, casts freeform spirals into a weighty permanence through the materiality of chrome and stainless steel finishes.

Design prototypes were produced and modified with feedback from the client. Both collections explored various methods of incorporating discreet yet functional controls, to best complement the sculptural design of the hardware.

Earlier explorations for the controls included a more volumetric approach that commanded more presence. The complete set of iterations produced aimed to exhaust the functional and aesthetic possibilities within the series’ visual languages.



Lefroy Brooks

Design Firm

Lead Designer
Andrew Persoff

Bewketu Kassa
Hira Sabuhi

Lefroy Brooks