2012 - 2014

Various projects produced to enhance the identity of architecture firm Arquitectonica.

As part of improvements to its Miami headquarters, privacy screens were produced for the glass doors of the conference doors that line the reception area. The firm sought a solution that would provide privacy for ongoing meetings, while not fully obfuscating the availability or status of a room.

A matte vinyl film was specified, with a bespoke dot matrix pattern to create texture while allowing light through. The screens doubled as wayfinding for the previously nameless rooms, now organised clearly by size.

For the conference rooms, custom dry erase panels were also produced to complement the spaces when not in use, and serve as a drawing surface for meetings. The panels were produced from lightweight honeycomb aluminium and backed with magnets, allowing them to be removed from the folding partition walls.

Studies were produced for window shades across the entire office, utilising the Hunter Douglas Hospitality collection that was produced in-house. The proposed series of shades used rotating colour blocks to complement the windows’ geometry, while borrowing from the corporate colours to reinforce identity.

For the annual Miami corporate run, team shirts were designed to unify participants and be loudly identifiable in the race. Three sets of shirts were designed using the company initials, ARQ, and in use, could be rearranged to spell out different expressions.